Fabian history, more on SWP crisis, locial council reforms.

The Fabian society in Britain was founded by a group of socially aware people. It’s 1st secretary was E. R. Pease(1857 1955). He was a stockbroker he wasn’t a failure raging against society. It was his moral concern that led him to desire to reform society. The Fabians believe in gradual reform, democracy, the rule of law and practical solutions to the problems in society. The Fabians helped create the Labour Party in Britain. Labour in alliance with the Conservatives and the Liberals defeated fascism during World War 2. When Labour won the general election of 1945 they created the welfare state. They defended democracy against the Communist threat during the Cold War. communism is weakened after the fall of the Soviet Union. Communism is still a threat to liberty at home and abroad.
The crisis in the British SWP continues. A very good article by the great journalist Nick Cohen about this crisis in the Guardian is well worth a look. He deals with the SWP, the far left and how they pollute political life. Let us hope that the crisis in the SWP means that the entire Leninist tradition is in crisis. Communists are the enemies of democracy and ordinary people. May Cuba and other Communist dictatorships be destroyed soon.
We live in times of economic hardship. Savings must be made. Local government needs to be reformed. Minister Phil Hogan could have done a better job at reform. Local councils need better democratic oversight. Local council managers need to be accountable to the voters. Town councils are to be done away with. In Mallow the local business rates are the lowest in the county of Cork. Businesses don’t need extra cost in these times. The rates in Mallow are about 56 to 57 euro. In the county of Cork they are 74 euro. If a Mallow businessperson were to pay 570 euro i8n rates in Mallow they would have to pay 740 in rates in the county. For the sake of Mallow businesses jobs and the local economy we must retain Mallow town council.

social democracy today

This blog is called the Irish Fabian. I will be looking at the history and the ideas of the Faians in future blogs.

Anyone who is following extremist politics will know about the crisis in the British Socialist Workers Party today. Richard Boyd Barrett is a member of the Irish branch of this party. A leading member of the SWP is accused of rape. Instead of going to the police the SWP decided look into the matter internally. This behaviour reminds me of the sex abuse cover up in the Catholic Church. The SWP supports Islamic fundamentalists. They reject the 2 state solution in the Middle East. Zionism is a dirty word to them. The party was founded by a Jew but the SWP always seeks the destruction of Israel. The SWP may self destruct after this rape crisis. They support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They put their party ahead of the people. They have contempt for democracy. Social democracy leads humanity to freedom and democracy. Communism in its many forms leads to dictatorship, slavery and terror. China is still officially Communist. The Communist threat to humanity isn’t over yet despite the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We have a failing health system. It needs to be reformed. The government is committed to introduce a universal health care system. People have genuine concerns about Mallow hospital. In these difficult times the fact that Mallow hospital is has new building works show that it has a future. It show the commitment and work that Minister Sherlock has given to secure the future of Mallow hospital. The visit of Minister Reilly shows that the future of the hospital is secure. I believe in people power and it is important that party difference is ignored and that local people work together for the future development of Mallow hospital.

reflections of an Irish social democrat

I have decided to enter the blogging world. News and opinions today is slanted against us social democrats. I want to correct this imbalance. I will reflect on international national and local news from the viewpoint of social democracy.

The British PM will offer the British people a chance to vote on membership of the EU. Certain sections of the British right reject Europe. They reject the social and labour rights that Europe grant to its people. They want Europe to be a free trade zone where humane working conditions are destroyed. We must remember that free market economics has failed. We are living with this failure today. Europe needs more democracy. Europe needs to unite but being outside of Europe will make life for people worse than they are now. If the British people want failed free market politics that is up to them. Ireland future is in Europe and in a social Europe. We must stay in Europe but we should prepare for the chance that a possible British exist from Europe may mean for us.

The news of Clare Daly latest problem in the news has come to my attention. I will reserve judgement until the tests are in. I find her criticism of the Guards distasteful. Last year at the Labour Party conference in Galway I saw a side of the Guards that filled me with admiration. When the protesters tried to invade the conference the Guards with great risk to themselves protected us from harm. The Guards peacefully protected us. Most Guards are good people who risk themselves for the cause of a peaceful democratic society. As the Guards mourn the loss of one of their members today I wish to state that this killing is an attack on democracy. Most Guards are good people and they deserve our respect.

This is my first blog and I hope we will live in a world where social democracy can grow and that the world will be better place to live in John O Brien.