Neutrality, NATO, Turkey and Rojova.

There is a debate in Ireland about our neutrality. Do we as a nation have a responsibility to cooperate with our fellow EU members in the defence of the EU? Ireland is part of a minority group in the EU who are neutral. Most of the EU members are also members NATO. It is the NATO angle of this debate that concerns me. The national media isn’t highlighting this issue. I am not surprised by this lack of interest. We do need greater media diversity in Ireland.


Why do I have a problem with NATO? Turkey is an important member of NATO. Turkey is attacking the Syrian Kurdish region of Afrin. Rojova is a shining light in this dark region. NATO’s silence in relation to Turkey is a disgrace. I don’t think Ireland should be a member of NATO because of Turkish aggression. Remember the Fascist Spain that was ruled by Franco¬† was a member of NATO.

John O Brien.


Ireland was snowed in. Why have a government communications unit?

The major news story last week was the weather. We were snowed in. Bread was in short supply. We survived this weather and as far as I know no one was hurt. We want to be independent and that is a good value to have in life. Independence gives us humans the ability to develop and grow. But the snow thought me that we need each other just to survive. If any part of human society doesn’t function properly then we as a human society suffers.


The government has a communications unit. This unit is engaged in spin. Instead of spinning the news the voters would prefer if the government was solving the problems that we as a nation face. We should close down the communications unit. The government should try and resolve our housing and other crisis.

John O Brien.

Writing and other matters.

My first book took a lot of work. The research was the hardest part of the book. I sought to express myself as clearly as possible. Writing was the easiest part. It is the proof reading and the editing of the book that is harder for me. My first book is a general expression of my views on life. Now I am on the final editing of the book. Looking for a publisher and promotion will be the tasks that I will engage in. My book is called Christianity and social democracy. I am thinking of a 2nd book as well. I think my next book will be engaged in current issues. The nature of journalism is changing. Funding models needs to adapt to this changing environment.

John O Brien.

Defend Rojova.

During the Syrian civil war the Syrian Kurds and their allies in Rojova fought bravely against ISIS. In the Kurdish region of Syria Muslims, Christians, atheists and agnostics fought side by side as equals. Men and women fight together as equals. The Kurds are the bright hope in this region as they fight for freedom, democracy and women’s rights.


I hear in the news that Turkey is attacking the Afrin region of Rojova. Meanwhile the Turkish government is opposing the secular opposition. Turkey is a major member of NATO. I find the international community’s response to these attacks that are carried out by Turkey to be disgraceful.


I call on people to support the Kurds and to condemn the attacks that are carried out by the Turks. The main force that defeated ISIS were the brave women and men of the Kurdish militias.

John O Brien.

Journalism needs to move beyond gossip.

Journalism is a noble profession. It allows people to be informed about their country and what is happening in the world. But negative stories about individuals doesn’t enlighten us about the world. It only brings pain to that individual. This type of journalism isn’t real journalism it is really gossip. We have real problems in Ireland. We also have real problems facing us in the world. People are seeking to understand the world as it really is. There is enough real stories around,we don’t need to write gossip and call it journalism.

Hollywood distorts history.

Films are an incredible art form. They can change our views of the world by telling a story and by letting us see life from the eyes of someone else.


Hollywood distorts history. If you want to understand the past don’t bother watching a Hollywood film. As someone with a degree in history I find it frustrating that Hollywood has given us bad and false history. I thought that Communists and Fascists were the only one that distorted history. I am wrong because Hollywood distorts history.


An example of bad history from Hollywood is the Neil Jordan film Michael Collins. In the film Michael Collins the role that the IRB played in the independence struggle was ignored. The IRB played a major role in the 1916 rising. Michael Collins was the leader of the IRB when he died. In the film Ned Broy worked in Dublin Castle but he was also a spy for Michael Collins. Ned Broy worked for the Dublin police and he did spy for Michael Collins. In the film Broy is murdered. But in real life Ned Broy survives the war of independence. In the 1930s Ned Broy was appointed by DeValera as Commissioner of the Guards or the head of the Irish police force. Neil Jordan distorted our own history in front of the world. I don’t care what his motivation was he distorted history. Don’t go to Hollywood to learn history.



Protests in Iran.

During the last couple of days the people have been protesting. People started protesting because they were suffering from poverty. Quickly the demands of the protesters changed as many people demanded the ending of the Islamic regime. The people are in a revolutionary mood demanding a secular democracy. I stand with the people of Iran as they seek their freedom. The overthrow of the dictatorship of the Mullahs will not in itself resolve the economic problems that face the people. But a secular democracy would give the people of Iran the opportunity to choose what type of country they want to live in.


For some strange reason some people on the left thinks that Iran under the Mullahs is a progressive country. I believe the rot started during the 1960s when any anti Western country was seen as part of the revolution. Well the revolution didn’t happen and there are social democrats who makes excuses for some 3rd world dictatorships, God help us. Who benefits from this stupid policy? The forces of conservativism benefits and the oppressed suffers. Iran is a backward state and its people deserves the support of other people. I stand with the people of Iran.


John O Brien.