Transport policy and peak oil.

Our transport policy in Ireland doesn’t deal with the problems that we will face in the future. The private motor car is for many people a necessity. It is not a luxury. Our transport policy can’t last forever. Cars depends on petrol and diesel to run on and oil is a finate resource. Oil will run out in the future. We don’t know when this will happen but there will be a time in the future when we will run out of oil.

It is stated that if people would live close together in urban areas then public transport could be economical. But the cost of housing in urban areas means that people have to live in rural areas. This means that they will have to buy a car. We have seen that costs for running a car are rising.

These issues I have raised in this blog are not debated on the national media. They should be debated if we are to build a civilization after the oil runs out.
John O Brien


Cost of living in Ireland.

The cost of renting and buying houses in Ireland is too high. The cost of insurance is rising as well. If these costs were to be added to the inflation figures then Ireland would have high inflation. But these costs are not added to the price index and so our official inflation level is low.

People are paying too much for housing and insurance in Ireland. This means that people have less money to spend on other things. These costs are badly affecting the quality of life for Irish people. The burden of these costs are a drag on the economy. The response of the government to our housing and insurance costs has been poor. These costs will harm the Irish economy.
John O Brien.

Neutrality and NATO.

Ireland is a neutral country. This policy is popular with the voters. We as members of the EU may have to defend the EU militarily. I would have a problem with Ireland joining NATO. The reasons I have for my rejection of Ireland joining NATO has nothing to do with the traditional arguments about neutrality. My objection to NATO is due to the fact that Turkey is a major power in NATO. Yet Turkey is allied with Russia. Turkey is at war with the freedom loving Kurds of Northern Syria. I don’t think that we as a people should associate with an organisation that has Turkey as a member.
John O Brien.

Brexit and the illusions of the British reactionaries.

I have been listening to British politicians about Brexit. I get the impression that they believe that Britain still has an empire. The British Empire is long gone. It was the British Empire that allowed Britain to have trade policies that suited it’s business community. But the world has changed. Britain is now a 2nd rate power. It has a strong financial sector and an arms industry. But the Conservative government believes that it is still a global power. When it will seek trade deals outside the EU we will then know how powerless Britain really is. The problem with Britain is that it is dominated by a Conservative party that cares for the rich only. Instead of blaming the Conservatives many voters blamed the EU. After blaming the wrong target the economic problems that the majority of the British people faces still exists.
John O Brien.

Fodder crisis in Irish farming.

We had bad winter in Ireland. It seemed to have been a long winter. The cold and wet winter has meant that there is a shortage of fodder in Ireland. I hope that this shortage will not lead to higher food prices. If the government can bail out the banks I think they could help the farmers at this time. China is a major buyer of Irish daily products. Agriculture is a major domestic exporter. Farming plays a major role in our economy.

As the United States and it’s allies are bombing Syria we should remember a few facts that could get lost. The Kurds have build a radical democracy in the middle of the Syrian civil war. Turkey is attacking the Kurds. Turkey is a member of NATO. It was the Kurds that defeated ISIS. Don’t forget the Kurds.
John O Brien.

First book.

Writing my first book was a challenge I learned new skills that I hope I will use in writing other books and in other areas of life. My first book has been an expression of my basic views about life and about how we make life a better place. The research was a challenge for the book. I also sought to express myself in a clear manner. I hope to reach out to a general audience. The final editing has been harder than I thought. The next step after that is getting a publisher and hopefully selling many books. I hope my other books will deal with topical issues. I see writing of books and maybe a PayPal as a means of funding my journalism. This is a career and a business to me not a hobby. My first book is called Christianity and social democracy.
John O Brien.

Neutrality, NATO and Turkey.

Turkey continues to attack Afrin. The Syrian Kurds are building a society of liberty, democracy and feminism. Turkey is attacking the Kurds. The world watches and does nothing. Turkey is a member of NATO. I think the greatest argument against joining NATO is the fact that Turkey is a member. If Ireland joined NATO it would be an ally of Turkey. I would feel shame about my country if it allied with Turkey.

Good journalism demands resources and I will seek to give an alternative voice. I wrote a post about the Kurds before. But this story is ongoing. We need to defend the Kurds.
John O Brien.