British general election of 2017.

The results of the British general election are in. The Conservative government hoped that it would have a greater majority in Parliament. It had hoped that this majority would have helped it in its negotiations with the EU over Brexit. Coming into the general election the Conservatives had around a 20 point lead over Labour. The media had demonised the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a loonie lefty from a bygone era. But as we see from the results of the British general election this plan didn’t develop as the Conservatives had hoped.


The Conservatives wanted this election to be about Brexit. But national security due to the terrorist attacks in Manchester and in London became an issue in this election. The economy was an issue as well. Younger people suffer more due to the present economic policies. They voted in the main for the Labour Party. Theresa May refused to debate with the other party leaders. Jeremy Corbyn had massive rallies. He debated with everyone who wanted to debate with him. The Labour Party produced a manifesto that was costed and it was moderate. In this election the support for the Conservatives was slashed. The support for Labour rose. Theresa May’s leadership is weakened. Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has strengthened. Another factor that isn’t commented on in the media that much is that the Conservative government wanted to increase the tax on the self employed. The Labour Party successfully resisted this move. This issue shows that the last Conservative government was out of touch.


In the North the Democratic Unionists gained 10 seats. Sinn Féin gained 7 seats. The last seat went to the independent unionist Lady Sylvia Herman. Sylvia Herman was an Ulster Unionist MP. When that party in the past decided to ally themselves with the Conservatives she resigned her membership of the party. She kept her seat in the next election while the Ulster Unionists lost seats. Sylvia Herman is a Labour supporting unionist.


The rise of the SNP was halted in Scotland. The Scottish Conservatives did well in this election. This election showed that the desire for independence has met a setback in Scotland.


The results of this election means that there is a hung parliament. The Conservatives needs the support of others to achieve a majority. The DUP could offer that support.


The other news about this election is the recovery of the vote for the Liberal Democrats. The British government wanted to strengthen its hand in its negotiations with the EU. But the results of this election will mean that its negotiating position has actually weakened.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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