Steve Bannon and the Trump Presidency.

Steve Bannon has been removed as a member of  the National Security Council by President Trump. President Trump ran on a nationalist platform. He promised  to make America great again. Steve Bannon was the ideological brains behind the Trump campaign.  The Trump campaign was anti free trade. It promised to end unnecessary foreign wars.  It promised to to seek friendship with Russia. If President Trump looks after his business interests and the business interests of his friends nothing has changed in Washington. Then his supporters especially the poorer people who were attracted to his economic policy could be alienated from Trump. They would feel betrayed by  President Trump.

The removal of Steve Bannon shows that a split has emerged in the Trump White House. Unlike President Trump Steve Bannon is driven by a political philosophy. If Steve Bannon is downgraded in the Trump  White House he could lead an internal opposition to President Trump.  The United States is a divided nation with a declining middle class. Senator  Bernie Sanders offered a social democratic vision in  the last Presidential election. This is a major breakthrough in American politics. The message of Senator Bernie Sanders is a echo of FDR’s New  Deal of the 1930s.  The United States has lost its industrial base. It is deeply in debt. China holds a lot of American debt.  The policy elite sees China as a rival in international affairs. After the 2nd World War the USA was seen as a beacon of hope. Now it is seen with dread. If reform and hope do not win out in  the United States then the danger of reactionary fear could rule the land. If that were to happen the Trump Presidency would look like paradise in comparison.



Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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