Why were TD’s supporting the case of the bomber who wanted to destroy Prince Charles visit ?

Eamon Delaney



Imagine if three MPs had written to the British courts to seek bail and leniency for an Al Qaeda bomber who was charged and subsequently convicted of planning a bomb in Westminster?

Imagine if one of the MPs had said that the bomber, who intended to kill the Queen or Prince Charles, was actually of good character, and ‘a hard worker’.

It’s incredible, but this is what has happened in Ireland. It absolutely beggars belief, but it is also amazing that so little fuss has been made about it.

The TD Maureen O’Sullivan, a successor to Tony Gregory’s legacy in Dublin Central, wrote a letter to the courts saying that Donal Ó Coisdealbha, 25, who has just been given five-and-half years in prison on explosive charges was a “fine, intelligent, articulate and hardworking young man”.

O’Sullivan was joined in her support for the bomber, by two left wing Independent…

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