Douglas Carswell and UKIP.

After the last British general election UKIP had one MP elected, Douglas Carswell. Douglas Carswell was a Conservative MP. He left the Conservatives and he joined UKIP because he wanted Britain to leave the EU. During the last week he left UKIP. Douglas Carswell is now an independent MP. He said he left UKIP because they had succeeded in their primary objective. He says they are not needed now in a post Brexit Britain. He says that UKIP was set up with the purpose of getting Britain to leave the EU.

UKIP basically states that Douglas Carswell left before he was pushed. Douglas Carswell wasn’t a real team player according to UKIP. The clash between Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage didn’t help but behind the personality conflict there is a conflict of ideas between these two men. Douglas Carswell was a Conservative and so he wanted UKIP to be a mirror image of the Conservative Party. But it is concerned with the immigrant issue and issues like national identity.

The origins of UKIP were not in the British right. UKIP was founded by Alan Sked. Alan Sked started his political career as a liberal. But he rejected the Liberal Party because of their pro EU policy. Alan Sked founded UKIP butvhis opposition to the EU came from a liberal and not from a conservative point of view. In 1997 he left UKIP because of the increasing influence of the radical right in the party. In 2013 Alan Sked founded a new party called the New Deal. The New Deal Party was a center left anti EU party. It was dissolved in 2015.

The conflict between Douglas Carswell’s version of conservativism and UKIP’s version is that Mr. Carswell represents those who benefit from globalisation. UKIP represents those who have suffered from globalisation. These people find scapegoats to blame. When a majority of people loose from the present economic situation they will seek an alternative. The alternative they seek can be the correct solution to resolving their present economic problems. But they might accept incorrect or dangerous ideas that will only make the present economic problems they suffer worse than it is at present.

UKIP and the rise of

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