Religious inspired terrorism.

I remember a quote from Star  Trek where Captain Kirk says to the alien being who claims to  be God why does God need a spaceship? In this film different aliens and humans were seeking God. They travelled to the centre of  the galaxy where they found this energy being. When this being heard of the starship he thought this was good because he could travel the galaxy. It was then that Capitan Kirk asked the question, why does God need a spaceship?

We hear different religions claim that God and religion needs a state and state law to impose his/her will. Without a state religion would be weakened. What type of god needs human force? As a Christian I find this argument to be troubling. If God is all powerful and all good why does he/she need a state to impose his/her will? This is true especially if the will of God seems to be irrational to human reason.

We have seen some religious groups using state force to impose their will. When they don’t have a state they use mob rule and terror to impose their will.

Some religions  claim that science and their claims don’t contradict each other. Why don’t they use reason instead of force? Why do they need a state to impose their will especially on those who don’t accept its teachings?

John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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