Martin McGuinness.

I heard this morning that Martin McGuinness died. Some people were sad at his passing others especially the victims of the IRA were less than kind in their reaction to his passing. There are two types of grief when a public figure dies. There is the public grief of a person who the public admires. There is the private grief of the family and friends.  I hope we will respect and remember  the family, friends and party members of Martin at this time.

The Paisley family were close to Martin. The Queen of Britain has send a private message to Martin’s family at this time. These gestures of mourning shows how far we have moved in  the North.

Martin McGuinness was  a major figure during the times of troubles. But was a major figure  during the times of peace. He was Deputy First Minister for 10 years. He was a major historical figure in Ireland.

John O Brien.

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