Science fiction as stories of hope and despair.

Science fiction is a popular form of fiction in films, television and books. It brings us out of our everyday world and into a new unknown world. It can confront the problems that we face in our own world in a gentle way. Science fiction that transport us to an imagined future shows us the world we hope or fear will will come into existence. It can deal with present issues in a future setting as well.

There are 2 science fiction stories that gives us hope or despair in the future, they are Star Trek and Blade runner. Blade runner is set in a bleak future. In this future big business controls society. Ordinary people struggle to survive. Star Trek is set in the future but its future is a future of hope. In this future humans have overcome their problems of poverty, racism sexism.etc. It is a hopeful future.  The humans in Star Trek are still human. But humanity in this future is evolving towards a better future.

How we see the future will motivate us to make this world a better place or it will make us believe that there is no hope for humanity. If there is no hope for humanity then we we might as well stay in bed. But if we believe we have a bright future then we know we can make a difference. We know that our  present problems will be resolved in the future. Will our future be more like Star Trek or Blade runner?



Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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