Freedom and equality.

I am on holidays and I hope nothing major will happen in the news. It is time to relax.

A good society demands democracy, liberty and equality.  A society where one  person is free is a dictatorship. The rest of the population are only slaves. A society where only a minority are free is an elitist society where most of the people are slaves. Equality demands we are all free, it demands democracy.  A society where a party or where money dominates isn’t really free or equal. After WW2 in western societies conservatives and liberal social democrat sought to build a just free and equal society. This model broke down in the 1970s.

Do we live in free and equal societies today? How do we achieve a better society? What model of the economy and society do we want?

John O Brien


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

2 thoughts on “Freedom and equality.”

  1. You need to define equality. Do you mean equality under the law? If so, I agree: equality is necessary and desirable. If by Equality you mean that everybody should enjoy the same standard of living, regardless how each person decides to spend their time (e.g. working or watching Judge Judy and smoking weed), then I disagree. The role of the State is to ensure people are free to go about their lives, provided they respect the rights of others to be left alone. Primarily this is delivered through as system of contract law and property rights. The fabian and marxists models are just flavours of authoritarianism through central planning, in which political and academic elites plan for the many, and people are reduced to cogs in a system designed and run by someone else.

    I work for myself: I’m single, childless and a mortgage holder. I’ve done the numbers, and under the system of redistributive socialism in Ireland, I pay just shy of 80% of my pay in income and other taxes and levies. Someone else (presumably smarter or better qualified that me) decides how this money is spent. This isn’t fair, sustainable or consistent with any reasonable notions of justice and freedom.

    1. Sorry for delay I think people themselves without states or big business can achieve more justice. Self employed co ops can achieve real needs in societies which are created from the bottom up. Our societies are too centralized

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