syriza and Greece

The government of Greece has fallen and elections will be held this year. The traditional parties has lost the support of the people. The Greek people have suffered years of austerity since 2008. The economy and public services are getting worse. Austerity is increasing the national debt. Debt is now at dangerously high levels. Realistically it will be impossible to pay off that debt in the short term. Greek voters are angry they want real change. They still want to remain in the Euro and the E.U. but they want Europe to move in a different direction.

The rise of the Nazi Golden Dawn party is a worry for the future of Greece. It’s links to certain sections of the security forces is dangerous for Greek democracy. Greece lived under a military dictatorship between 1967 to 1973. We must guard against the forces of reaction.

Syriza emerged from an alliance of different socialist parties. Now these parties have merged into one party. They seem to have become more moderate as they have become more popular. Polls seem to suggest that Syriza will be the biggest party in the next parliament. While some conservatives suggest that this victory would be bad for Greece some revolutionary socialists believe that Syriza has sold out to capitalism.

Syriza could like other Greek governments in the past accept the present policies of the Troika. This would mean that the party would split and the voters would desert them. Syriza could be taken over by its extremists how would a communist revolution play out today I don’t know. If they were to implement their policy then a conflict with the E.U. could develop in which case Greece could be forced out of the E.U. Two choices could face Greece in that situation a messy divorce might happen or their victory might trigger a reform of the E.U. towards greater democracy. Interesting times ahead for Europe awaits us.
John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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