FDR 2nd bill of rights, free or fair trade, support your local business.

An old post including FDR economic bill of rights if this bill had succeeded would the present routs in the USA happen?


On Jan 11 1944 FDR proposed a 2nd bill of rights to the nation. He believed that the bill of rights that granted life liberty and happiness could be only secured in today’s world by establishing economic and social rights to human beings. FDR’s bill of economic rights declared that everyone should have a job with a living wage. Businesses should have freedom from unfair competition and monopolies. People have rights to housing, social security, education and medical care. Farmers should receive a fair price for their produce.
His call was largely ignored in his time. In this era of pain let us relook at FDR’s 2nd bill of rights. If the people had the right to housing, public services, employment and businesses and farmers had the right to earn income from a fair and free market then our political rights of life liberty and happiness can be secured.

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This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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