social democracy today

  The local and European elections are over. The Labour party did very badly in these elections. My party colleague Ronan Sheehan failed to get elected to Cork county council.  Personally I am sad but we ran a good campaign.  The old ways are dead. We need a new leader who will lead the party in new directions. 

  Personal loyalty prevented me in the past from expressing my real opinions. The situation now demands that I express my opinions in a truthful and open manner. Blind loyalty hasn’t served the party, social democracy or the voters. 

  We must really listen to the voters . They aren’t happy with us in govt.  Should we stay in govt? I want an honest debate with our members and supporters. The days of telling people the party line is over for me. 

  Labour in govt has lessened austerity but according to the voters this isn’t good enough.  The troika has imposed water and property taxes. Many people will reject these taxes . Voters believe that they are taxed to death while the bankers are escaping the pain. 

  Eammon Gilmore has resigned as leader of the party. Personally I wish Eammon all the best. I feel sorry that he has come to this situation.  He did the right thing to go.

  It pains me to write this blog. Personal interest doesn’t concern me. I will stay in the party. I will fight to have the voters interests heard in the party. 


John O Brien. 


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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