social democracy today.

  Pope Francis wants a poor Church for the poor .President Michael D Higgins visits the tomb of Archbishop Romero in San Salvador. While these people believe in justice for the poor I get the impression that the poor are treated like dirt by most countries.


  In Ireland the dole for the under 26 year olds was cut. This was a disgraceful action. In Spain the state don’t help the under 26 year olds. In America if you are poor you are considered worthless. Poverty and unemployment is caused by a lack of jobs in the economy. During our Celtic Tiger economy we had full employment. No one cared about welfare rates.

  We are blaming the poor for the crash in our economy. We are blaming the victims for the crash. Starvation and death is no solution for the problems of poverty. It seems that internationally under our neo liberal tyranny starvation and death is the solution proposed to the problems of poverty internationally.

  Ireland is a compassionate country. We are a decent people. We do seek to help the poor. Compared to most other countries we Irish should be proud of ourselves. I fear the under the guise of the bailout the IMF, EU and ECB are trying to drag Ireland down to the level of crueller countries. I urge Irish people to hold onto our compassion. I urge Irish people to realise that the poor are our brothers and sisters. We could find ourselves poor one day.

  It was the injustice of poverty that united both left and right after World War 2 to create the welfare state. Let us return to the mixed economy. Let us reject neo liberalism.

John O Brien.

John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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