social democracy today

  The crisis in Egypt continues. I hope that civil war can be averted. The Muslim Brotherhood only looked after their own, Christians secularists and other Muslims were treated badly. The Muslim Brotherhood looked after the rich only. No wonder the people revolted. Let us hope Egypt can evolve into a liberal democracy.

  Turkey still is in crisis. The people are still protesting against the government. I hope the people will win. Religion and politics don’t mix. Religion deals with the other world. Politics deals with this world.

  Austerity isn’t working. The rich are getting richer. Public services are being cut. Economic growth is weak. Neo-liberalism got us into the mess we are in. The solution that the experts are giving us are more of the same neo-liberal stupidity. We can learn from history how to deal with a recession. The example of FDR should inspire us. People are more important than banks. But it seems that economic policy puts banks ahead of people.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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