In honour of my dad part 5.

                               Canon Sheehan Author

  He continued to write and between 1895 and 1910 he had published fifteen volumes.

They are :

Geoffrey Austin,

The Triumph of Failure,

My New Curate,

Luke Delmege,

The Blindness of Dr. Gray,



Miriam Lucas,

The Queens Fillet,

Under the Cedars and the Stars,


The Intellectuals,

Cithara Mea ( a volume of poems) and

Mariae Corona(sermons in honor of our Lady),

The Graves at Kilmorna.

  Besides these, he wrote a number of Essays and Criticisms. The novel, dealing with the Irish uprising in 1867, and bearing the title The Graves at Kilmorna was published after his death. Some of his books gained at once an international reputation and were translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Slavonic, and Russian (Ruthenian).

  These writings not only reveal his special gifts as a thinker and writer but they allow us to form a fair estimate of his character as a man; of his aims and ideals as a priest and pastor of souls; and they record many actual experiences which gave direction and emphasis to these aims. 

  Canon Sheehan wrote his novels as a travelled man tells his adventures to young folk. His poetic gift made him clothe the incidents in the vesture of romance, with a moral vista behind the action of his story, to draw the attention of the reader to higher things.


Anyone interested in the life of Canon Sheehan would do well to read

By Pen and Pulpit by Michael Barry.

Canon Sheehan of Doneraile by Herman J Heuser D.D.

Canon Sheehan of Doneraile by M P Linehan (1952) and

A History of Doneraile by Fr. A. Gaughan.


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