social democracy today

  The Civil War in Syria is complex. There seem to be many different policy options on offer on how to resolve this crisis. I reject the government with its support for Iran. I don’t know if the opposition can create liberal democracy. I don’t know if the opposition want a liberal democracy. I worry for the future of the minority in Syria. The Christians in Syria go back to St Peter. Doing nothing is not an option. Our common humanity demands that we help the ordinary people there to survive. Humane assistance is the least that the global community can give. I fear that military support could make things worse after what has happened in Iraq. The sectarian civil war in Iraq isn’t a good model for Syria to follow.

  Mallow Town Council is planning to celebrate the town council later this year. With the town council going next year it is good that we Ireland it is important that all the social partners work together. It is important that the economy will grow again.

John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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