social democracy today

After the 2nd world war both left wing and right wing democratic parties agreed that the mistakes that led to the great depression would never happen again. They created a mixed economy. A regulated market economy with state planning and public services was seen as the solution to the problems of humanity. This consensus succeeded in achieving peace and prosperity.
During the 1970s an increasing number of conservatives wanted to return to free market capitalism. Their success forced social democrats to embrace free markets as well. The fall of the free markets since 2008 has discredited their ideology. Now we must build a new consensus.
The war crimes committed by both sides in the Syrian civil war has led people calling on the international community to intervene. I think that this call for intervention is misguide
The Syrian regime is allied to Iran. The rebels are supported by Sunni extremists. If these extremists gain power religious minorities and liberty would be destroyed. It is a conflict i9n which I hope that the 2 sides loose. I think we should stay clear of this conflict.
Mallow development partnership made a presentation to Mallow Town Council. They laid out practical plans to make Mallow a centre for a hi tech and food business hub. Mallow can improve on science and math. the teaching of Chinese is introduced in the schools. These and other steps will create the foundation for the future prosperity of Mallow. Local government, local business and community groups can improve our quality of life.
Fergal Cronin has replaced Richard Dempsey for the Fine Gael seat on the Town Council. Dan Joe Fitzgerald of Fianna Fail was elected Deputy Mayor of Mallow. All councillors supported the election of Councillor Fitzgerald to the post.
John O Brien


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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