social democracy today

  Revolutions are inspired by the highest ideals. The reality of humanity means that these ideals are impractical. Humanity is not ready for utopia yet. Revolutions usually fail or they lead us towards greater tyranny.

  The French Revolution preached liberty, equality and fraternity. The revolutionaries attacked everything that French people held dear. The revolutionaries wanted a new order. But instead of freedom the revolutionaries gave the people terror.

  The Bolsheviks preached revolutionary socialism. Russia was barely emerging out of Feudalism. The advanced Western countries were not ready for revolution. Instead of democratic socialism Lenin and his followers gave Russia and one third of the world slave states, terror, dictatorship and a new feudalism to replace the old feudalism.

  The Fabians realised that humanity moves slowly towards a better society. They were realistic, democratic and non-dogmatic. They included people of all religions and people of no religion. Different philosophies influenced the Fabians. The revolutionaries gave the world greater terror and tyranny. The reform socialists or the social democrats gave the world greater liberty, democracy and social justice.

  Reform not revolution is the best method if humanity wants a better world.

  Our present industrial policy is based on the thinking of Lemass. That is how old it is. Multinational companies over represent industry in Ireland. Irish industry and the Irish economy need to please foreigners. Banks and property developers instead of native wealth creators dominate the native economy. Speculators dominate us. The logical results of this lopsided policy are property booms and busts. If we want to avoid the mistakes of the past we need to support domestic industry. We need a proper bankruptcy law like they have in Britain. Employers need the protection of the welfare state from the possibility of unemployment and sickness. I fear these reforms aren’t high on the government’s agenda. Banks and property developers are too powerful still. They need to be put in their place.  We had 2 industrial policies already, The 1930’s and 1959. It’s about time we have a 3rd industrial policy today.

  The business community as rate payers are the only ones at present who pay local tax. The issue of pay parking in Mallow is still a problem for the business community especially in the Main Street. Town Councils will be abolished. If Mallow Town Council wants to be saved it will need all the support it can get. Business people I met are not happy with the Council. They couldn’t care less if the Council is gone in the morning. I appeal to the Council and the local business community to talk with each other and resolve this issue in a spirit of dialogue and mutual respect. John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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