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  The Fabian society got its name from a Roman general and politician Fabius Maximus. Fabius fought and defeated Hannibal. This was the Hannibal who used elephants to attack Rome. Fabius didn’t fight Hannibal head on in open battle. He waited and delayed fighting until the time was right.. By his tactics  Fabius saved the Roman Republic.

  Fabian socialism rejects violent revolutionary socialism. They rightly point out that a peaceful democratic approach to social justice is the best method if humans want to create a better society.

  The death of Margaret Thatcher has produced mixed feelings among people. Some people were delighted that she died. Others were sad at her passing.

  I hate personalised politics. I believe that politics should be a battle for ideas. I will ignore my personal opinions of Thatcher as a person. I will briefly look at the ideas she produced called Thatcherism. Thatcherism believed that state intervention in the economy is harmful to the smooth running of the market. The results of Thatcherism is there for us to see. Businesses and banks were allowed to do what they wanted. Her beloved free market crashed in 2008. We are living with the legacy of Thatcher. The legacy of Thatcher is a global economic crisis that we are suffering with now.

  I wish Rebecca Mulcahy from Mallow all the best as she is starting a new life in Australia. People leaving Ireland for work abroad is sad. We are loosing many great people to other countries. I hope the government’s no. 1 priority is jobs. We need to create and maintain more jobs in Ireland.

  Dairygold farmers met in Mallow on Thu. 11 Apr. last. They voted to expand Dairygold’s post quota plan. They rejected the independent milk testing.

  One of the issues discussed in last Monday’s Town Council meeting was water safety. New signs will be introduced. People are discouraged from going near the water. Water safety is all our concern. John O Brien.



Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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