social democracy today

Real scientific history can liberate us from false views of reality. Real history can guide our decisions in the world today. I want to contrast 2 leading people who I believe represent social democracy and communism.
The 1945 Atlee government in Britain was tasked with transforming the country based on its reformist socialist ideas. Labour with the Conservatives and the Liberals formed a war time government. They defeated fascism in most of the world. The Labour government had domestic and foreign challenges after their victory in 1945. They created the welfare state introduced the mixed economy and supported democracy at home and abroad. Atlee’s government made life better for ordinary people and they gave greater freedom to ordinary people. Internationally the Cold War started after 1945. Labour correctly saw communism as the enemy of social democracy. Atlee’s government supported America against the Soviet Union. They developed an independent nuclear programme to defend democracy from communism. Atlee’s government cooperated with others in setting up NATO.
Russia in 1917 was developing into a progressive social democracy. Lenin launched with his party a Coup against Provisional government. He with Trotsky created a dictatorship with the secret police and labour camps. The social democrats suffered the most under Lenin and his followers. Communism developed into a militant atheism that was as intolerant as a religious state. People of all faiths and none have embraced socialism. Socialism is democratic to its core. Anyone claiming that dictatorship and atheism are part of socialism should be rejected. British socialism under Atlee was democratic liberal fair and open to religion. It allowed for the market to exist and it was anti communist. Lenin’s Russia was a dictatorship, a terror state and a threat to humanity. China. Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba are communist dictatorships. Any one who values liberty and democracy will hope that their dictatorships will fall and their people will be liberated.
Meath East was a bad result for the Irish Labour Party. Fine Gael’s vote held up. It seemed to me that the majority of people in Ireland are conservative in their thinking. The Labour Party needs to ask itself does its policies meet the real needs of the people? Does social democracy guide Labour in its thinking and its actions.
I hope people enjoyed the Easter festival in Mallow. It was a pity that Easter Sunday was raining. We can’t control the weather.
I read in the Mallow Star that Hi Cone is to close in Mallow. It is important that jobs are created and maintained in this time. My heart goes out to all the employees of Hi Cone. John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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