social democracy today

  The crisis in Cyprus affects us all. Cyprus is in the EU and is the Euro. When life is tranquil we don’t see the need for change. It is only when a crisis happens that the weakness of life are revealed to us. The present crisis of the Euro has dragged on since 2008. It continues without any solution in sight.

  Ireland is better off in Europe. Our economic crisis would be worse if we left the EU. This doesn’t mean that the EU as it is presently organised will solve our crisis. The EU is weak, undemocratic and it is dominated by national governments with national interests instead of a democratic European government representing European interests. A European Keynesian solution is impossible due to the present institutional structures. The European Central Bank is concerned with inflation and with nothing else. All other economic and social needs are not important to the ECB. The ECB isn’t under democratic control.

  The Troika imposed austerity programme on Ireland. is hurting many people here. I know that many people are in pain over the cutbacks and tax rises. It is no excuse but things could be much worse. This government protects minimum wage, social welfare and income tax rates.

  We need Europe but we need a reformed democratic federal EU. Let us hope the people of Europe will vote for a social democratic Europe. There is an alternative. Let us have hope. 

  Remember the Easter festival next weekend in Mallow Co Cork. Support the town, support local business and have a good time.

  Mallow Thomas Davis Pipe Band will be looking for a new home. If anyone can help let me, town council or the pipe band know thanks. John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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