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Mallow St Patrick day parade welcomed the Minister Sean Sherlock, Tom Barry TD the Mayor the Deputy Mayor, local councillors and our special guest Mr Patrick Cronin who’s parents left Ireland. Mr Cronin was delighted with the welcome the Irish people gave him. He is an actor and a Professor of Theatre and dance in Tennessee. Mr Cronin spend many years working in as an actor on television and stage. Hi is now an Irish citizen as well. Invite your friends and family home to Ireland for the Gartering this year.
The Tomas Davis pipe band will be without a home. They will have to move out of the town hall. They are a great musical group who have being together over nearly 90 years. If anyone can help them contact them or the town council thanks even if it is a place they can do up themselves.

We have a new Pope Francis. He lives by the values of the Gospel and he wants a Church of the poor and a Church for the poor. Let us hope and pray that a new poor Church is being born. The Catholic Church is now a Church of the Africa, Asia and Latin America. Social justice is a major problem facing us today.
The story of the British SWP crisis continues. Why is the Irish media silent? Why isn’t any Irish member of this party asked any question? What is the Irish media afraid of?
Cyprus is in the news lately. They rejected the terms that the EU and the IMF have offered them. Could the Euro and even Europe be in decline. I believe that we need Europe but we don’t need a bankers Europe. We need a people’s Europe, a democratic Europe. I hope this present crisis will be solved but honestly my confidence in the leadership in Europe isn’t very high. This story has only begun. John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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