The new anti-Jews, welfare reform and Minister Sherlock and Mallow Hospital.

Every group and individual has the right to self determination. If every nation had the right to self determination many violent hotspots in the world would a thing of the past.
There are many factors that create problems in the Middle East. The denial of self determination is one of the factors we should consider. The Kurds were promised freedom after World War 1. They are the largest non-state group in the area. They are divided and they are ruled by different hostile states.
The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is the easiest to resolve in theory. In practice a resolution to this problem is not so easy to realise. Both Israel and Palestine desire self determination. 2 states for 2 people would give justice to both people. The UN, EU, USA, Russia and the Arab League support the 2 state solution. Certain anti-Semitic people and states like Iran prevent security for Israel and freedom for Palestine. States like Iran call their opposition anti-Zionism. Their anti-Zionism is a modern day version of the anti-Judaism of old. In the past Jews were not allowed the same rights as other people. Now that the Jews are a nation state the Jews are denied the same right as other nations, To Iran, Hamas and other groups who deny Israel the right to exist you are anti-Jewish you are the heirs to Hitler.
If you support democracy and national self determination then support both Israel and Palestine. 2 states for 2 peoples.
I have heard of cases that make me wonder if our social welfare system is fit for purpose. Hard working people who fall on hard times, who pay their stamps are lucky to get enough money to live on. Society has a responsibility to look after its poorer and weaker members. The social welfare system needs to be reformed. I believe that those who are sick or unemployed should get a simple payment and they should be helped to get back to work. Welfare should be treated as an income. If a person doesn’t need welfare then they would be taxed. This would resolve our unfair inefficient system. The Irish are a compassionate people. We want to help the poor. We deserve a better welfare system.
Minister Sean Sherlock TD has announced on twitter that the future of Mallow Hospital is secure. Well done to everyone who have battled to save the hospital.
John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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