Religion and politics. Croke park two. Local business and town council.

We have seen the rise to power of religious parties in Israel, Egypt and in other countries of the Middle East. The material needs of the people are neglected. Minority groups are treated like 2nd class citizens. I believe that religion and politics deal with different aspects of human need. Religion deal with the spiritual side of us. Politics deal with the bread and butter problems. If religion becomes political then its leaders become power hungry dictators. People continue to starve and violence and civil war becomes a reality. In Ireland we know about the reality of a Church dominated society. Now we are creating a republic where all religions including the Catholic Church is respected. Religion and politics will be separated.
As a new Croke park deal is signed I hope that it will be accepted. This government inherited an economic mess. Hard choices will have to be made by everyone. I hope that the cuts will be fair. A better deal isn’t on offer. Croke park 2 will help Ireland grow again. I hope a growth and jobs plans will be launched by the government soon.
After talking to local businesspeople I get the impression that they are not sad that Mallow Town Council will go. They feel that the local council doesn’t listen to their needs. Mallow Council has the lowest rates in the county. It will be a loss. Local government needs to listen to its voters. John O Brien


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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