Fabian history, more on SWP crisis, locial council reforms.

The Fabian society in Britain was founded by a group of socially aware people. It’s 1st secretary was E. R. Pease(1857 1955). He was a stockbroker he wasn’t a failure raging against society. It was his moral concern that led him to desire to reform society. The Fabians believe in gradual reform, democracy, the rule of law and practical solutions to the problems in society. The Fabians helped create the Labour Party in Britain. Labour in alliance with the Conservatives and the Liberals defeated fascism during World War 2. When Labour won the general election of 1945 they created the welfare state. They defended democracy against the Communist threat during the Cold War. communism is weakened after the fall of the Soviet Union. Communism is still a threat to liberty at home and abroad.
The crisis in the British SWP continues. A very good article by the great journalist Nick Cohen about this crisis in the Guardian is well worth a look. He deals with the SWP, the far left and how they pollute political life. Let us hope that the crisis in the SWP means that the entire Leninist tradition is in crisis. Communists are the enemies of democracy and ordinary people. May Cuba and other Communist dictatorships be destroyed soon.
We live in times of economic hardship. Savings must be made. Local government needs to be reformed. Minister Phil Hogan could have done a better job at reform. Local councils need better democratic oversight. Local council managers need to be accountable to the voters. Town councils are to be done away with. In Mallow the local business rates are the lowest in the county of Cork. Businesses don’t need extra cost in these times. The rates in Mallow are about 56 to 57 euro. In the county of Cork they are 74 euro. If a Mallow businessperson were to pay 570 euro i8n rates in Mallow they would have to pay 740 in rates in the county. For the sake of Mallow businesses jobs and the local economy we must retain Mallow town council.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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