reflections of an Irish social democrat

I have decided to enter the blogging world. News and opinions today is slanted against us social democrats. I want to correct this imbalance. I will reflect on international national and local news from the viewpoint of social democracy.

The British PM will offer the British people a chance to vote on membership of the EU. Certain sections of the British right reject Europe. They reject the social and labour rights that Europe grant to its people. They want Europe to be a free trade zone where humane working conditions are destroyed. We must remember that free market economics has failed. We are living with this failure today. Europe needs more democracy. Europe needs to unite but being outside of Europe will make life for people worse than they are now. If the British people want failed free market politics that is up to them. Ireland future is in Europe and in a social Europe. We must stay in Europe but we should prepare for the chance that a possible British exist from Europe may mean for us.

The news of Clare Daly latest problem in the news has come to my attention. I will reserve judgement until the tests are in. I find her criticism of the Guards distasteful. Last year at the Labour Party conference in Galway I saw a side of the Guards that filled me with admiration. When the protesters tried to invade the conference the Guards with great risk to themselves protected us from harm. The Guards peacefully protected us. Most Guards are good people who risk themselves for the cause of a peaceful democratic society. As the Guards mourn the loss of one of their members today I wish to state that this killing is an attack on democracy. Most Guards are good people and they deserve our respect.

This is my first blog and I hope we will live in a world where social democracy can grow and that the world will be better place to live in John O Brien.


Author: irishfabian

This blog expresses my views about the world. I am a member of the Irish Labour Party in Cork East.

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